Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wolf Spotting.

Last Friday Meg and I went to see The Starting Line for their Holiday Show which was one of the only two shows they had planned for 2010 (it was originally scheduled for 12/26 but due to the blizzard was rescheduled). While we were watching one of the opening bands, Hit the Lights, Meg pointed out the bassist's t-shirt sported a wolf and I immediately proceeded to take a picture to share.

Not the best photo but you get the idea. Now I know some of you may be thinking, that's cool.. and it relates to your blog title.. but what's the point? Well I find it both mind boggling and funny that our generation has since become obsessed with the idea of wolves (mostly due to The Hangover) where we've started wearing clothing of wolves, considering our friends our wolfpack, and even naming this little old blog after it!

We were going to take outfit photos (with Burger King crowns, nonetheless) but since it was so cold out we ended up not being able to. However, I assure you they were quite dazzling.

Here's a picture I took of Kenny from The Starting Line. More can be found in a set on my flickr.


EDIT: Here's a perfect example of the adorable blogger Becky-May wearing a wolf t-shirt! Adore the way she styled it!


  1. What a great idea for a blog! Well done girl! :)

  2. That is so cool! I love wolves. When I was little I was scared of them, I think because of Gmork from the movie the Neverending Story (LOL).

    Now I think they are such beautiful and amazing creatures.

    That's so awesome about the tee shirt on that guy! I kind of want a wolf shirt now.

    Is there a wolf in the movie The Hangover? I don't remember. I only remember there being a tiger.

  3. Sofi, I don't believe there are any wolves in the Hangover, if anything they might show up on a t-shirt somewhere. But you are correct about the tiger :)


  4. really cool photos!

  5. that's so cool! i love wolf tees, i have one but may need another!

    The Flower Girl


  6. nice idea for a blog :)love ur blog
    hope u check out mine

  7. hey there(: just happened to find your blog and stop by for a visit! so glad i did! you have a fun blog here with a lot to offer and some really fun and inspiring photos(: so glad i dropped by!!


  8. Great pics :)

    I'm following you. Follow me back if you want :)