Saturday, January 8, 2011

I know this is belated...

I realize that this is (a little) belated, but here are some of the gifts that were passed around this Christmas. The Chanel nailpolish was a gift for Meg from me (Meliss), the book was a gift from Laur to me (love it, by the way), and the Mac pigment was a gift from Meg to all of us (we each got a different color, I got Neo-Orange). If you've never heard of pigment before, apparently it's the coloring that goes into all makeup, so you can put it into clear nail polish, lipgloss, and even use it as eyeshadow and blush - depending on what color you get. I haven't used mine yet but I have a feeling I'll be trying it out today...



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  2. Great gifts. I love the chanel nailpolish.

  3. the chanel nailpolish is nice!

  4. You are all super cute. I gotta try me some of that pigment :)