Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Black&Yellow? How about Black&White.

There's just something about black and white that always catches my attention. Whether it's due to the timeless color scheme or the undying classy look that it achieves, I always find myself drooling over this quintessential combo. All of these wonderful picks come from the boutique Planet Blue.

This gorgeous dress takes a cool aztec print and pairs it with stripes! Mixing prints is one of my favorite things to do, lately, and this dress does it in a nicely subtle way. Not surprisingly, it is currently sold out, but here's to hoping that it'll come back in stock!

You can never go wrong with stripes, and this dress throws the classic stripe for a spin. I just love the way the stripes meet at different angles in the front and create a rouched-up look. This is definitely a unique piece that you won't be finding in any Forever 21 this season.

This gorgeous button down is another item that has me kicking myself when seeing that it is, indeed, sold out as well! Its deep v-neck front balances out the rest of the masculine shape and hat that they paired it with. I love the accessibility of this top, it's something that you can wear exactly like how the model did for a casual day, paired with heels and a statement necklace for a night out, or with slacks and a black blazer for work.



  1. I like the stripes dress!
    follow you, visit me and follow back?:))

  2. white is definitely thé colour of upcoming season.. lovely:) I still need more white in my wardrobe..

  3. JJ, I'd like to follow you back and visit your blog but for some reason it's telling me that your profile is unavailable!

    Cylia, I definitely need some more white in my wardrobe as well, it's always my fall back color and I never seem to have enough of it!


  4. Ahhh, love all these outfits.. they all look very easy to wear! xxx