Monday, December 27, 2010

You talk to the ceiling every day.

These beauties are one of the gifts I got for christmas. Jessica Simpson Dany heels.

We got a little snow here the day after Christmas, so while locked inside the house I listened to some fitting music, painted my nails, and read Style by Lauren Conrad (another Christmas gift).

Some of my favorite parts of the book so far are the list of online Sample Sale websites and the loads of other websites in various categories it offers. It's also convinced me that I need to see a cobbler for my shoes and a tailor, asap.

This is my dog, Daisy. She likes to lay in front of the heating vent in this weather. And she wasn't happy about her Santa hat we got her for Christmas, but we thought she looked adorable.

And this is what I wore on Christmas. That's my cousin there behind me :) I look like I'm sitting on her lap, Santa style haha. White sweater: Charlotte Russe, Sequin Top: can't remember, Velvet Leggings: Joyce Leslie, Wanted Boots.

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